Two subject matter experts on being dudes. Unsolicited advice. Beer. Neurosis. Jim desperately needs a guys weekend and Jason hates everything. Live vicariously through them while they live vicariously through you.

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Episode 6: Nature's Classroom- Father's Day- Jason almost soils himself

Jim and Jason are back after an almost 3 week hiatus. They discuss their time apart and try to fall back in love. Jim was a chaperone and Jason almost left a dookie in the great outdoors of Utah.   #fathers day #utah #NRA #natures…

Episode 5: Sustained Dominance - Jason hates underdogs

Jason feels like sustained dominance or excellence is more of an underdog story than the typical "upset" and should be celebrated as such. Jim weighs in and shares what he gets dominated in.   #dominance #underdog #tom brady #upset   links…

Episode 4: Mother's Day- Jason's Therapy- Adult Coloring Books

The guys discuss their completely different Mother's Day experiences. Jason takes issue with adult coloring books, cell phone "holsters" and his therapist's availability on Sundays.   #mothers day #adult coloring books #cell phone…
Peggy from Fall River

Episode 3: Peggy from Fall River

The guys bring in a Subject Matter Expert on dating in 2016 and she needs a date for Jason's wedding.   #single #condom #dating #don't tell my wife #single women   links to soundcloud/itunes
Bachelor Parties

Episode 2: Bachelor Parties

Jason's expectations, Jim's lame bachelor party, do we care to rage anymore? And an email from an actual woman.   #bachelor #drinking #bad decisions #rage   links to soundcloud/itunes